Messy Hands

Little fingers reached out and gingerly grabbed even littler fingers. Holding hands for family prayer has been a new experience since R started eating solids. J offered his hand, but made faces as he touched R’s sticky and oatmeal covered hand. Extending the hand of grace at 5 years of age isn’t easy.

How amazing that God bends his ear and extends his hand to the heartfelt thanks of an 18 month old with cereal encrusted hands.  How amazing that God bends his ear and extends his hand to me…when I come to him with my “messiness”, my snapping at the kids, my spending too much time checking Facebook, my reticence to invite a neighbor in or pause for conversation with that friend who shares more than I’m willing to listen to.

Even at the tender age of 5, God is teaching my son to extend his hand to those who are “messier” than he is. Just as God extends his grace to us. To me. To sticky fingers everywhere.

Is there someone “messy” in your life who you should contact this week? Follow His leading, Mama. Even a simple text or note can change someone’s day.

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