Planting Seeds

We didn’t plant our garden until early May this year; the seeds should have been put in the ground much earlier. It’s going to freeze here this weekend, and we’ll probably lose many of our plants.

BUT… after tending the garden all summer, after watering and weeding and pruning, we’ve still tasted some of the fruit of our labor. We’ve harvested tomatoes, peppers, kale and eggplant. And we will bring more in to ripen inside ahead of the incoming frost.

We planted later than we had planned, but the seeds still grew.

How about you, Mama? Is there something you’ve been meaning to do, but the work seems hard and you feel as if it’s almost too late?

~Reading aloud to your kids?

~Taking daily time to quiet your soul?

~Family devotions?

~Decluttering that room-or your whole house?

~Meal planning?

Plant a few seeds today…water them, tend them, prune them when needed. Put in the work, even if it’s not in the timing that you imagined. It’s not too late to see a harvest and taste the fruits of your labor.





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