Simplifying & Legos

Let’s talk Legos, Mama.

Legos are BY FAR the most beloved toy in our home. My four older kids play with them for hours each day. And so we gave away the majority of our other toys, and turned our tiny playroom (it used to be a porch) into a room for Legos!

There’s a table for creating masterpieces, and each child has a rolling bin to house their special creations, as well as odd parts and mini figures that belong just to them. On the opposite wall there is an underbed bin with loose bricks.

We tried so many different methods of storage—color coded, sorted by type, sorted by theme, sorted by set…but all quickly became undone, and the clean up was laborious. Now, this room looks like this almost every night. The clean up is easy, and they can do it themselves. And because we cleared everything else to make space for what they truly played with, they love the room and play in their for long stretches of time.

Is there a toy set that’s beloved in your home? Is there a way that you can give it a place of priority, and clear away the less loved items?

REAL TALK: We cleared out a TON of “beautiful”, quality”, “educational” toys that I felt like my kids SHOULD play with. But they just didn’t. And our home is so much lighter without them.









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