A Gift for the King

Hey Mama. Do you have “perfectly good” toys in your home that aren’t getting any love?

This charming little dollhouse hasn’t been nearly as played with as we thought it would be. And so this afternoon, the kids had an absolutely wonderful time fixing it up, adding a few fun furniture pieces (because what is a house, without a toilet and bathtub?!?) and getting it ready to give away. We posted it on a local buy & sell site and are gifting it to a family in need in our community, so that their littles can have a few gifts this Christmas.

Our kids were so excited about this that they started searching for other “almost new” toys to share with other kids for Christmas.

Since they were tiny, they’ve been taught that whatever they give with love is a “gift for the King”. It’s been awe-inspiring to watch them give for His glory.

It’s been a challenging year for so many folks. Is there some way that you as a family can give a gift to the King? A sharing of your resources? A warm meal to a senior in your neighborhood? A card to someone lonely? Whenever you do, He is glorified.











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