Out of the Box Ideas for Getting Kids Outside

Hey Mama. Today is a “take your watercolors outside and paint rocks” type of day around here. How’s the weather where you live?

While we’re all for active play outside, there are some breathtakingly beautiful days (like today!) that my kids have absolutely no desire to go outside. And I’ve come to realize that it helps to have a few “out of the box” outside activities in our parenting toolbox to offer when the usual running, digging, throwing, climbing, biking, jumping, kicking types of activities aren’t working.

Things that seem to work best around here as alternate outside activities are:

☀️ Watercolor Painting

☀️Painting Rocks/Shells

☀️Favorite Board Games or Cards

☀️Setting up scenes for Lego or Playmobil figures


☀️Making a Blanket Fort from old sheets

What “out of the box” activities do you do outside when the kids don’t want to go out?

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