Here’s to a Slow Summer

Hey Mama how’s your summer going?

We are having a slow summer over here. We haven’t jumped back into all of our pre-pandemic activities just yet, although we are doing much more we did last year! We’ve been spending lots of time outside, and the kids have been enjoying the break from school and academics. Summer for us means long unstructured days of reading, art, and outdoor play. Electronics and screens are intentionally limited; it’s a time to savor the slow, and the choruses of “I’m bored,” have begun to fade as the kids have slowly adjusted to our summer schedule and their creativity has begun to kick in. There have been interesting projects begun, and new games invented both indoors and out. I’ve caught little people deeply immersed in chapter books in the most unlikely of places, and old board games and puzzles have been given new life. Of course, we have taken some weekly trips to the beach or to walk along the river, and we have some other outings planned as well. And we’ve grilled with friends and eaten outdoors…but for the most part, we are savoring the slow.

What is your summer looking like?









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