Point Them To Him

Did you take the opportunity to point them to Jesus today, Mama?

This time of year is so very busy—there’s only 4 days until Christmas! But in the midst of all the busyness—the presents to wrap, food to prepare, last minute shopping and cleaning and tidying–I’m here to gently encourage you…take a few quiet moments and point them to Jesus.

It could be a simple Christmas book. A story read out of your favorite children’s Bible. Coloring a nativity picture. Cuddling on the couch and looking at the tree while you listen to a Christmas song about the baby King. Watching a movie that points to Him.

This season, Mama, these gifts, they’re all about Him. The King of Kings, come as a baby to live among us. And all the good things of this season…they’re all gifts from His gracious and loving hands. As you prepare and celebrate over these next four days, make sure that you’re taking a moment each day to point them to Him. You’ll have eternity to be thankful that you did.

How do you take time to pause and reflect as a family during this season?








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