Perfectly Imperfect

Your house doesn’t have to be perfect, Mama. Neither does your kitchen.

It doesn’t have to have the latest appliances, or granite counters, or fancy coffee pots. It doesn’t have to have new flooring, or fresh paint, or impeccable decorating.

It’s what you can’t see that counts, Mama. Is it full of love? Is it full of laughter? Is there dancing in your kitchen? Are conversations shared over meals? Are little ones learning to cook or bang on Tupperware or pots there while older ones work on homework? Are there moments of connection over steaming cups of tea or coffee?

Your home isn’t a canvas for the latest styles of decorating…it’s a canvas for the life of your family. The life you’re creating between the walls is far more important than the age of your fridge. Or Instagram-worthy cabinets and counters. So clear the clutter, and clean the canvas, Mama…but then use that time and space for what He’s called you to—investing in the people right in front of you. Turn on some music tonight, and have a dance party in your kitchen.








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