Simple Valentines Celebration with Kids

Hey Mama,

We had a simple Valentine’s breakfast this morning. Steve and I gave each kid a new (to them) book, and the kids gave valentines to each other (and gave each other long envied Pokémon cards from each other’s collections—now THAT’S love). Breakfast was food we had on hand. Bananas. Walnuts. Chocolate croissants from the supermarket.

Our after school snack was one of our easiest favorites—“Melties”. Graham crackers topped with a few chocolate chips and popped in a warm oven for 3 mins. To make them “special” for today, I placed the chocolate chips in the shape of a “V”. Presented them to each child with a “Happy V-Day” and we sat and dunked them in cold milk together.

That’s it. No huge purchases. Just re-fashioning what we had on hand to make the ordinary feel a bit “special”. And that effort was recognized and appreciated—and it was enough.

Don’t be afraid to keep it simple, Mama. Mark the day. Love on your kids. But don’t blow your budget. Don’t feel like you have to compete with all the Insta-ideas floating around. Love on those Littles, and make them the priority, not all the fancy trappings. Spend time WITH them. Keep it simple.










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