What They Really Need…is a Mud Kitchen?

You don’t need that fancy mud kitchen, Mama. They can love playing outside just as much with some old pots and pans.

It’s true, we might someday purchase a mud kitchen. But right now, it’s not in the budget. Nor is a bigger backyard, or many of the other beautiful outdoor toys I see hear on the ‘gram.

But you know what? My kids aren’t on Instagram—and they think our backyard is amazing. And this kid here never tires of scooping and pouring rocks and mud into those little pans.

And do you know what they get most excited about? When I join them for a few minutes in their play. They don’t need more toys, Mama. And they don’t need you to spend precious minutes and hours scouring the Internet for great deals. What they want…what they need, is you. Their Mama. Content where you’re at, and choosing them, over and over again.

What small blessings are you grateful for in this moment?










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