Giving & Receiving

I talk a lot about giving here. Giving meals to those in your circle who could use an extra hand, giving away what you aren’t using to bless those in your community, giving your time to the things that have eternal value. I’ve also discovered, as I’ve gotten older, that there is joy in receiving. Mr. 8 has been wanting to try out the ukelele for awhile, and we had discussed whether we should invest in one for his upcoming birthday. And then this morning, in our local Buy Nothing Group, someone offered a ukelele and case that they were no longer using. I responded to their post, and as of this afternoon, Mr. 8 is the overjoyed owner of a (almost) new ukelele. He can’t wait to start learning to play. And I am so thankful for a community that I can not only pour into, but that blesses my family when there are things that we can make use of.

What community resources are you grateful for? What has been a surprising blessing to your family?










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