Rough Day Reset

Hi Mama,

Don’t let the picture fool you. It was a gulp down the coffee cold after it was almost spilled several times type of morning around here. Have you had one of those days?

Our morning time of reading together was punctuated by screaming and crying. Lunchtime was chaotic. And naptime was a battle. But the littlest is (finally!) sleeping now, and I’m hoping to gather my thoughts for a few moments, take some time to read something inspiring, and get ready for a reset this afternoon. I think we will take snack outside and allow everyone to get out their energy in the fresh air and sunshine. And sunshine does Mama’s heart good as well.

Just because the day begins on q challenging note doesn’t mean it has to end that way.

How do you reset (both yourself and your kid(s) in the midst of a not-so-great day?










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