Tweens & Teens

Celebrating my second oldest turning 12 today—he’s 10

years older than the “baby” and it’s hard to believe how quickly the years have passed. It seems such a short time ago that he was the one sleepily snuggled on my lap, and suddenly, I blinked and he’s almost a teen.

It’s really true, Mama, the days are long but the years ARE so very short—and yet, I am so enjoying my big kids and the season they’re in. They are fascinating, funny, actually helpful, thoughtful, considerate, and simply really fun people to hang out with.

While I am still loving the “baby” snuggles (perhaps all the more as I see that season slowly coming to a close), I’m so grateful for the tweens and teens in our family as well. They are an unexpected gift that we continue to unwrap as the years pass.

What’s been an unexpected joy of yours as your kids grow older?







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