Simplifying & Gifts

If you’ve tried to simplify or declutter at all, you’ve probably come to realize that birthdays and holiday gifts can seem to quickly undo any progress you’ve made.

I used to feel a lot of stress around this, and tried to keep tabs on what was being given by whom, and ask folks not to give this or that.

But as we’ve finally reached that sweet spot in our simplification journey, I’ve come to realize that we can easily return to the amount of “things” that work for our family. And so we joyfully accept gifts in the spirit that they’re given…by folks who love our kids and love to show their love through gifts.

Sometimes, a gift is played with and then passed along to a friend who will love it even more than we do. And sometimes, we are surprised, because something we never would have picked out or our kids never would have chosen becomes a beloved treasure. And so we make space for it, and share other not so loved items with those who can use them.

How do you handle the influx of love through gifts in your home? 🎁










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