Out of the Ordinary Days

I woke up later than usual today, and so did the kids. Breakfast was late. And leisurely. We lingered and talked, and I had a second cup of coffee. Our morning routines are behind; although they are slowly getting finished. There have been several quiet moments like this (pic above) as the bigger kids have been deeply engaged in their play.

And you know what? Because our rhythms and routines are consistent most days, and our home is simplified, it’s ok. On this rainy cold morning, we can take time to linger. Read extra stories. Drink deeply of baby snuggles before those days are behind us.

This afternoon, we’ll return to our rhythms. And tomorrow as well. But for this morning, we’ll rest and linger. And maybe I’ll sip just one more cup of coffee.

Do you have space in your home and schedule for slow days? What do your “different” days look like?














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