Why You Need to Try the 3 Marker Challenge

Hey, Mama. Want a simple, easy way to spend some quality time with your kids?

We celebrated my daughter’s 5th birthday yesterday—and one of the ways we celebrated was with a family style “3 Marker Challenge”.

You pick a picture to color (we often like to do it around a “theme”—for this we did “Birthday”! You then have someone hold the marker container behind their back, and blindly draw out three markers for each person. Those are the colors you’ll use for your picture—no trading or adding (although we keep the black marker out of the mix)!

It’s such a simple activity that only takes about 15 minutes; but it’s something all my kids, from preschoolers to teens really love! And you don’t even have to use markers! Crayons or colored pencils would work just as well—my kids are just in a marker loving stage right now.

The best part? I actually really enjoy it. It can be quite the creative challenge! Dad does it with us sometimes as well. When we’re finished, we’ll tape our artwork up on the wall by the kitchen table for a few days…and not only is everyone proud to see their work displayed, but it’s a reminder of time spent together.

What are some simple ways that your family plays together?












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