15 Minute Connection

Good Morning, Mama. It’s really true what they say, the days are long but the years are short.

4 years ago, it was her in the crib. Now she stands tall beside it. One month ago, he couldn’t pull up at all. Now he greets me proud and tall, holding onto the top rail.

Whatever age your kids are, today is a day they want to spend time with their Mama. (Even if they’re “big” kids!) Not tomorrow, when the chores are done and the house is clean. Not later, after you finish scrolling. Today.

What’s one small way that you can spend time with them today? That you can pause, and look in their eyes, and spend 15 minutes connecting with them?

You’ll be amazed at what a difference just 15 minutes can make!

You’ve got this, Mama. I’m cheering for you! Drop a comment and let me know how you spent your 15 minutes!

**Mom Truth**—Sometimes, when I’m really not feeling it, I set a 15 minute timer. I can get much more into play/art/whatever if I know I’m actually committing for just 15 minutes. And you can always extend it after that if you want to!











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