How A Weekly Meal Plan Can Simplify Your Days

Good Morning, Mama. It can be exhausting figuring out dinner night after night. For me, it wasn’t the cooking, it was the deciding what to cook that was so hard!!!

We’ve been using this simple rhythm for years, and it’s made dinner time so much easier. It actually allows for a lot of variety, while cutting down on the decisions I daily make.

Every Monday is breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, French Toast, Omelettes & Eggs might be choices on Monday’s.

Tuesday is for Tacos. We’ve done Blackened Chicken, Beef, Shrimp, Pork & Fish.

Pasta on Wednesday. Pasta with Meat Sauce, Pasta with Veggies, Shrimp Alfredo, Sausage & Pepper Pasta, etc.

Thursday is Asian Cuisine. Fried Rice, Tikka Masala, Peanut Chicken, Lo Mein, Egg Drop Soup, or some other favorite dish.

Friday’s are for fast food!! This is the kids’ favorite day. We’ve made burgers, pizza, wings, empanadas, cheesesteaks and chicken nuggets.

Saturday is the day that I’ll try a new recipe or do a more “complicated” family favorite. Roast Chicken, Broccoli Cheddar Soup, Chicken & Dumplings and Meatloaf are all possibilities.

And Sundays we do a slow cooker meal, so that when we come home from church, food is ready. Potato Soup, Ropa Vieja and Italian Chicken Sandwiches are some of the recipes we rotate through.

How do you plan your meals throughout the week?







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