Good Enough

Hey, Mama. Have you ever wanted something that’s simply beyond your means?

For years, I’ve wanted a mud kitchen for our backyard. A little wooden stand with a basin and a counter, and metal pots and pans for making mud pies.

It’s simply beyond our means. It’s not something we will budget or even save for…it’s a beautiful toy that we won’t be purchasing.

But we do have this little plastic play kitchen in our backyard. I bought it used, and it came with a few dented pots and pans, some spoons and spice jars.

And oh, if you could only know how many mud pies have been made there. And acorn stews. And leaf salads. That little plastic kitchen is a constant source of backyard joy.

It’s not Instagram worthy…except that it is. It’s not what I might have chosen if our resources were unlimited…but they aren’t. And that little plastic second hand kitchen is GOOD ENOUGH…good enough for lots of laughter and play, and good enough so that we can use the resources He has so generously given in the way He’s calling us to.

As you plan for gifts this year, is there something you have your eye on that’s simply not in the budget? Is there something that will stand in as good enough, so that you are free to pursue His best purposes?















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