Up Against a Wall?

Hey, Mama. Do you ever feel like you’re up against a wall in your motherhood? Like there’s a challenge that you just can’t overcome, a task that you just can’t complete? You’re stuck?

When entire days and weeks begin to feel like that, it’s a cue to pause. To take time to reflect, and problem solve. To change course. You are called to motherhood…and you are doing a terrific job! And you can figure this out.

Maybe it’s a crazy infant stage. Or a stubborn toddler. Maybe it’s virtual school, or video games, or kids not doing their chores. Maybe it’s teenager attitudes, or no breathing room for yourself.

Whatever it is, don’t just keep plowing through life, struggling to stay afloat. Change course and try something different. It may take a few tries. It may take many…but don’t give up until you’ve figured out a way to make life work again. Pray about it, listen to His voice. Make a plan and try again.

Being a Mama is challenging…but it’s also life-giving! Taking the time to pause, and tweak the areas that need tweaking, can make life so much simpler in the long run.

You’ve got this, Mama. I’m cheering for you.







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