Today is a Fresh Start

Today is January 4th—how are you doing on those goals and resolutions, Mama? I relish the “fresh start” of a new year each January 1st; actually, I am thankful for all fresh starts! My kids often repeat to each other what I’ve said to them since they were babies, “tomorrow morning is a brand newContinue reading “Today is a Fresh Start”

2021 Family Bucket List

It’s 2021! How did you celebrate the ending of one year and the beginning of the next? To celebrate the new year, we ate a lot of yummy food (our family usually does “appetizers” for New Years Eve, and we eat all the delicious things I wouldn’t normally cook. We also worked on a “BucketContinue reading “2021 Family Bucket List”

The Gift of Waiting

It’s Advent, Mama. The time of year when we wait in hopeful anticipation for the coming of the Redeemer, the One who will save the world. It certainly seems like this year, more than any other year that I can remember, that our broken world desperately needs a Savior. I’m not one for waiting. IfContinue reading “The Gift of Waiting”

Cocoa Amidst the Chaos

It was a rough night, followed by a rough morning. Multiple clothing changes, multiple night time calls, and I was awake far earlier than I wanted to be, accompanied by a sidekick. By 7:00 am the day was already spinning out of control in ways I didn’t want. Have you had one of those daysContinue reading “Cocoa Amidst the Chaos”

A Different Thanksgiving

How are you feeling about this week, Mama? Thanksgiving will be different this year. It feels like everything is different this year. Have you given yourself space to grieve the differences? Our Thanksgiving with a new baby will be nothing at all like I envisioned…and YET… He is still faithful. The King is still onContinue reading “A Different Thanksgiving”

Up Against a Wall?

Hey, Mama. Do you ever feel like you’re up against a wall in your motherhood? Like there’s a challenge that you just can’t overcome, a task that you just can’t complete? You’re stuck? When entire days and weeks begin to feel like that, it’s a cue to pause. To take time to reflect, and problemContinue reading “Up Against a Wall?”

How Candles Can Change Your Mornings

Good Morning, Mama. How do you start your mornings as a family? Our breakfast table often looks like this; as sleepy children wander in to the kitchen, they’re greeted with candles glowing and glasses of cold water waiting at their places. It’s amazing how candlelight can transform the mood of the morning! As we gatherContinue reading “How Candles Can Change Your Mornings”

Lived Out Faith

Good Morning, Mama. This was me last Sunday, reading Scripture with a babe in arms at our outdoor worship gathering. What a week it’s been! No matter where you find yourself politically, whether you are celebrating or despairing, know this: The King is still on His throne. He is not surprised nor dismayed. He isContinue reading “Lived Out Faith”


Sometimes, Sunday worship looks like all of us heading out the door and joining together with our church family to worship the LORD outside (or inside) together. And sometimes, especially in 2020, it looks like gathering ‘round a table in the living room, and working on crafts (in this case, scratch art crosses) while worshippingContinue reading “Sundays”