The other day, that beautiful Spring-like day, everyone went outside. The big kids headed to the driveway to shoot hoops. The little guy and I stayed in our fenced backyard.

My littlest one LOVES the backyard (which he charmingly refers to as “the garden”). It doesn’t matter the weather, his daily request is always the same.

“Go to the garden today, Mama?”

He could spend hours playing in the backyard, running, watching the birds, making mud pies, finding rocks and sticks.

Except when his siblings were playing basketball on the other side of the fence. He refused to play. He refused to run. He simply sat at the fence holding an old ball and calling to them that he wanted to join them. His joy and contentment with the backyard were gone. He wanted what he couldn’t have.

I’m no different, Mama. I’m so thankful for what God has given me, so joy-filled at the gifts from his hand. My husband , my kids, my home, my daily calling, all amazing blessings from a good and generous Father. But then sometimes, the world beckons from beyond the fence. And I want her schedule, her vacation, her income…her calling. And I forget the joy and contentment I had.

How about you, dear one? Do you ever struggle with seeing what others are doing, and turn your eyes to them and their life, rather than seeing all He’s given you?






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