Transformer Explosions & Slow Days

During last night’s wind storm, a transformer blew right next to our house, causing a fire by the telephone pole as well as multiple “explosion” pops and blinding white light right outside our windows. We got the kids out of bed and to the basement while we waited for the wind to die down, the power to stop surging, the house to stop humming, and emergency services to arrive. It took a long time to get the kids calmed down, and no one slept very well last night. And so we are having a slow day today, lingering over math, snuggling on the couch, reading stories, letting the kids talk about their version of what happened and how they are processing it, and just slowly easing into routines. Rest time will be a bit longer than usual, so that little people can unwind and decompress. Tomorrow will be a busy day again, but for today, we slow. And we thank God that not only are all our people safe and unharmed, but our house is ok as well!

How do you allow flexibility in your schedule when the unexpected happens?










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