Little Birdwatchers: A Nature Basket for Kids

Caught evidence of a little birdwatcher while tidying up yesterday afternoon. For years we’ve kept a “nature basket” (a “nature capsule”) easily accessible to any child (or adult!) who wants to observe, learn or sketch about nature. It holds a small assortment of field guides purchased used (birds, mammals, trees and rocks & minerals); someContinue reading “Little Birdwatchers: A Nature Basket for Kids”

Stay the Course

Good Morning, Mama. Are you still in the joyful yet exhausting days of littles who depend on you to meet all their needs, both during the day and through the night? Me too. And YET…the other morning, after being up most of the night with a teething baby, I came downstairs just in time toContinue reading “Stay the Course”

Brotherly Love

One of my hands down favorite things about homeschooling is the bond our kids have with each other. This morning, Mr. 7 and Mr. 14 sat side by side working on math together—and they truly enjoy (most days) spending time with each other. Of course, there’s arguing, and wrestling, and frustration…but more often there’s laughter,Continue reading “Brotherly Love”

Hands On Science

This is a favorite book in our home—for the kids, and for me. All the experiments use materials that we usually already have on hand, and there’s very little adult help required. It’s been great for my kids who love science to have something they can pull out whenever the urge to experiment strikes. AndContinue reading “Hands On Science”

Easy Election Resources for Kids

Pausing our regular routines to talk about the electoral process today! Here’s a link to YouTube to see a handful of simple, kid friendly videos our family is watching. Each one is between 2-7 minutes long. Watch one or watch them all! My littles particularly loved the first video, a reading of the book: “TheContinue reading “Easy Election Resources for Kids”