Stay the Course

Good Morning, Mama. Are you still in the joyful yet exhausting days of littles who depend on you to meet all their needs, both during the day and through the night?

Me too.

And YET…the other morning, after being up most of the night with a teething baby, I came downstairs just in time to snap this pic. It was pretty early in the morning still, but these two had gotten dressed, brushed their teeth, and were busy working on their schoolwork for the day while Mama slept.

We’ve been following the same rhythms and routines for enough time that Mr. 10 & Mr. 7 simply get out of bed each morning and begin the day, whether Mama is there to direct them or not. Later in the morning, we gather together to read the Bible, share stories, and work on group projects.

Stay the course, sweet Mama. The rhythms you are steadily carrying out today are the ones that will bear fruit tomorrow. Or next week. Or next year. Keep showing them the way, and doing the same thing, over and over again. Although you can’t yet see the harvest, your sowing and planting is not in vain. Easier days are coming.












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