Simple Traditions

Good Afternoon, Mama. One of the most beloved “traditions” in our home is our holiday books. We have a few books for each of the major holidays kept in a small tote in a closet, and we pull them out the week of the holiday.

Traditions don’t have to be elaborate. Or expensive. Or even Insta-worthy. For 5 kids in over a span of 14 years, these three books are the only Thanksgiving books we own. They are slightly bent, with corners broken. But they are truly loved.

Some years we get other books from the library. This year, we didn’t. Having that little tote on the floor of the closet makes it super easy for me to flip through the books and pull out the Thanksgiving ones. Having just a few books makes me much more likely to actually get around to pulling them out.

This morning, we sat on the couch, snuggled, and talked about why we celebrate Thanksgiving. We read our books and colored turkeys*. The big kids wrote something they were thankful to God for on each feather. These will be the centerpieces for our dinner tomorrow.

Spending time with your littles doesn’t have to be complicated…or even picture worthy. What matters more is you, enjoying them and pouring into them.

What fun non-Instagram worthy activity have you done with your kids lately?

*From the Pond has amazing FREE printable coloring pages! They are one of my favorite resources for seasonal activities. You can follow the link to their page and go to the Coloring Pages section. Once you sign up for their free email, you can access their entire coloring library!












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