Purchases and Your Values

Good Morning, Mama. It’s Cyber Monday, and we’re just past Black Friday. What are you investing in?

We have been saving gift cards for awhile now, and just purchased some patio furniture and a gas fire table. In November. In New Jersey.

What might seem like a waste of our precious little resources to some was actually a deeply thought out decision. We really try (and sometimes fail!) to make purchases aligned with our values—and one value our family holds tightly to is that of hospitality and fellowship, and regularly gathering with friends and family. That value has certainly been tested in 2020.

It’s been hard to wrap our minds around hosting and gathering with all of this year’s upheaval and uncertainty. With masks and precautions and regulations. How can we love on folks from a distance? How can we gather with those we love?

And so…even though there is much INSIDE of our house that is in need of replacing (tattered and torn sofas, I’m looking at you), we decided to take what we had and make a cozy spot OUTSIDE. A small place we could continue to gather with friends and family. A place to laugh and love, and share memories in the midst of this crazy year.

Maybe we’ll replace those tattered sofas next year, when we are back to (hopefully!) gathering inside…but this year, we’ll focus on loving folks where and how we can.

Here’s for a pic of us sharing our patio with family this weekend.

How are you choosing to live out your values through your purchases?











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