Unit Blocks for Open-Ended Play

Good Afternoon, Mama. It’s been a rainy couple days here in the Northeast, and the kids have been playing more inside than out.

Two of the toys that get the most play in our home are unit blocks and peg figures. We’ve had the unit blocks for years and years*, and my eldest son often makes peg figures for his siblings for birthdays and Christmas.

It’s open-ended toys like this that fuel kids’ creativity and allow them to enter deeply into their play. Those blocks have been doll houses, car ramps, play food, boy band stages, balance beams, and, in this pic, a peg figure Mario Kart race course.

My kids ages 0-14 all play with them (or at least build for younger siblings with them) and all the kids who come over to play naturally gravitate towards them as well.

What toys get the most play in your home? What open-ended toys are on your wish list to purchase?

*Unit Blocks are EXPENSIVE. Ours are Community Playthings, a wonderful company that makes their blocks right here in the Northeast US. The grandparents gifted us a small set one Christmas, and then I slooooowly built our set up one tiny purchase at a time. Community Playthings allows you to purchase sets of 2-8 blocks individually, and that’s what I did through the years as I had a little bit of extra money (individual sets start at $14) until we now have the set we do today.

















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