Cocoa Amidst the Chaos

It was a rough night, followed by a rough morning. Multiple clothing changes, multiple night time calls, and I was awake far earlier than I wanted to be, accompanied by a sidekick.

By 7:00 am the day was already spinning out of control in ways I didn’t want. Have you had one of those days recently?

As I started to put out the plates and cups for breakfast, I tried to take a moment to quiet my soul. After all, it wasn’t my day, it was His…and if this was His plan for me this day, then I could trust that it was good.

And then one child spotted the first white flakes of the season drifting down from the gray sky, and a joyous cheer echoed throughout the house. You see, one of our family rhythms is that when it snows, we have cocoa to celebrate.

And with that, breakfast turned into a celebration, and the entire morning took on a different tone. There was laughter and talk of the day’s plans, and my Mama heart whispered that this day, too, was a day that the LORD had made, and there was much to rejoice and be glad in.

Cocoa amidst the chaos reminded me to rejoice. What has reminded you to rejoice in this season?









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