Little Birdwatchers: A Nature Basket for Kids

Caught evidence of a little birdwatcher while tidying up yesterday afternoon.

For years we’ve kept a “nature basket” (a “nature capsule”) easily accessible to any child (or adult!) who wants to observe, learn or sketch about nature. It holds a small assortment of field guides purchased used (birds, mammals, trees and rocks & minerals); some books on animal footprints and wildlife native to NJ, and some kid proof binoculars and magnifying glasses.

Our nature basket has seasons…there are times when it sees daily use, and there are weeks and even months when it’s forgotten…but it is always returned to when Spring begins to bring new birds to the backyard, or when a new animal track is spotted in the mud.

It’s a simple tool that’s provided much joy and learning, and hours of fascination through the years—and it works for teens to preschoolers, allowing each to “research” and engage on their level.

How do you encourage your small ones to study nature?










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