One Thing Well

You can’t do it all, Mama. But you can do one thing well today.

Sometimes in the rush to get everything done, attend to all the needs, put out all the fires, check off all the boxes, we come to the end of the day and can’t even for sure say what we did.

The days meld into one exhausting day (or night) after another. Diaper changes. Cooking. Dishes. Car pools. Arguments. Spills. Schoolwork and emails. I’m here to tell you that even though I think you’re Superwoman, even Superwoman herself can’t to it all. It’s simply not humanly possible to finish well all the tasks we’re called to do in a day.

And so for some of them, it’s ok to be mediocre. And some of them, it’s ok to not do them at all. But at the end of each day, make sure that you have done one thing well.

What is that thing for you today? Reading and savoring a favorite storybook with your kids? Sitting down and setting a timer for 15 minutes and saying “yes” to your preschooler’s pleas to “play family” or “play cars” or “play Legos”? Taking 20 minutes outside with your kids, off your phone and simply savoring Spring? Sitting down for a 3 Marker Challenge with your oldest? Finally making those cupcakes you’ve been wanting to bake?

Doing one thing well doesn’t have to be a big thing. It can be one small thing. But day after day of “one thing well” builds a lifetime of treasured memories and relationships with those little people you’re called to love. And it helps you feel good about your day too, no matter how it may have veered from what you thought it would be.

What “one thing well” will you do today?









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