Embracing the Less Than Perfect

Shout out to all the Mama’s embracing the less than perfect. To the ones whose backyards are far from Instagram worthy (hello, fellow city dwellers!), but get daily use, making mud pies and staining knees, patchy grass and all. To the ones who don’t have the dreamiest toys, but whose kids’ imaginations have the freedom and space to delve deep into uninterrupted play. To the ones who aren’t supermodels, but walk and skip and swim alongside their wee ones when asked. To the ones who can’t afford all organic, but are setting balanced plates in front of hungry mouths multiple times a day.

Real life isn’t perfect, and it certainly isn’t Instagram. What matters more than picture perfect is you, Mama, and the daily showing up you do for your kids, over and over again. You are the one that was chosen, handpicked for this role, and God knew what you’d be working with, patchy grass, ugly countertops and all, when He called you to it.

I invite you today to revel in the less than perfect. How can you celebrate what you’ve generously been given? You, yes you, with all your beautiful imperfections, are called to mother your children with the environment and resources you’ve been given; they are good gifts from a good God. How can you use them well today?

What are some imperfect gifts that you are thankful for?

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