“I’m Bored…”

It’s ok to let them be bored, Mama. The most wonderful play sometimes happens through boredom.

In our home, saying “I’m bored” leads to a few suggestions of things to engage in; “Perhaps you want to make an art project? You haven’t built with blocks in awhile. What could you create with Legos?”…or an invitation to join in with cleaning or household chores.

Sometimes, the child will choose to join me in whatever I’m working on. Sometimes, they’ll wander around a bit before settling in to the deep work of play. But I’ve come to realize that it is through boredom that the most creative and deep play can happen.

Why? Because kids are saying they’re “bored” because all their usual ideas aren’t appealing to them. And so allowing them to stay in that place, and creatively think and work through it, gives them the time and space they need to do well the work of childhood. Play.

The “I’m bored” statement in our home I’d usually a hopeful request for screen time. We almost never use screens as a solution to boredom; we’ve found it’s much healthier (and in the long run makes a much happier kid) when they walk through boredom into deep, engaging play.

*Pic of two of my “bored” kiddos and a timed building challenge they created out of being bored together.









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