Some Thoughts on Capsules

There’s a lot of talk these days about “capsules”. I found a definition online that really resonated with me: a capsule is a concise, curated collection.

And I realized that I use capsules in a lot of places, not just in my clothing choices, but in much of life. In our family, we have a capsule pantry, a concise collection of groceries that we purchase over and over again to make the various meals that feed our family of seven.

We also have an art supply capsule, a simple collection of supplies that we always have on hand for whatever creative endeavors our kids or our family want to embark upon.

We have a toys capsule, with a carefully curated collection of toys that can be used by all ages, are flexible enough to use in a variety of ways and foster imagination. These are the tried and true “favorites” that have been going strong in our home for over 10 years.

We even have an outdoors capsule, comprised of a few items that we consistently use outside and suitable for small kids to teens.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing more about our family’s “capsule” approach, and the freedom and simplicity that has brought us.

What most intrigues you about this approach? Are there areas in your life where you are using a capsule, or where you think capsule use might be helpful?












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