Easter NextDoor to a Cemetery

Our home overlooks a cemetery. If you look closely, you can see the tombstones out through our kitchen window.

We know a lot of folks buried there. My best friend is buried there. If you want to know people who are aware of their own mortality…it’s us.

And YET…

There is a transformation that occurs right before Easter every year in the cemetery. It’s one of the “seasons” that we as a family most look forward to. It starts with a subtle green coming over the dead winter grass. Buds begin to appear on the trees. More bird sounds can be heard, and robins start to make their nests.

And then, yellow crosses with flowers begin to decorate the graves. Folks from all over the country order them to be delivered to their loved ones graves. And suddenly, I’m not looking at brown dirt and gray stones, but rich green, buds and flowers—and crosses that point to a heavenly home.

You see, the cemetery comes alive at Easter. Teeming with life alive. Bright green alive.

And that, dear mama, is the breathtaking beauty of His resurrection. Death has lost its sting. One day, there will be no more tears, no more sadness, no more sickness, no more DEATH. And my best friend, and my baby girl, and her baby girl, will dance together.

The hope of the resurrection is GOOD NEWS to those who are all too aware of our mortality. And for anyone who’s missing someone today, know that there is more to this life, and that today is a reason to celebrate.

How are you sharing the Good News with the little people in your life today?










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