Behind the Scenes of a Pastor’s Family

It’s the Saturday before Easter, Mama. How is your family spending today?

As we do many Saturdays, our entire family is working together to make sure everything is ready for Sunday worship tomorrow. Mr. 14 and Mr. 11 left this morning to help their dad film parts of the worship service to stream online tomorrow. As Children’s Director, I prepped some materials for the kids who will come to our in person service. Tomorrow morning, some of our boys will head to church early to join some other volunteers in setting out chairs.

It’s a privilege and honor to serve the King together as a family with our little urban church; and we know that most don’t see the hours spent or the sacrifices made. As you worship the King tomorrow, don’t forget to show some love and appreciation for your pastor’s family. Whether you see their labor or not, they work hard to worship, preach, teach and serve alongside of you—and as you slept or ate or celebrated with your own family, they were probably laboring in the vineyard.










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