Good Friday with Kids

It’s Good Friday. An important day. A solemn day. A day that forever changed our relationship with God.

Our family will spend part of today reflecting on Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross. We’ll gather together, take out some paints, crayons, or pencils, and make art together while we listen to the story of Jesus’ crucifixion. Most years we read the story aloud from The Jesus Storybook Bible. Sometimes we use another children’s Bible so that the telling isn’t too predictable. Then we’ll watch a movie about the first Easter (one of our family favorites is “The First Easter” on Amazon Prime) and then take some time alone to reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

We’ll regather for dinner and talk about our time. And of course, we have a houseful of kids, not saints, so the dinner conversation will be the usual, jokes, someone crying, talk about favorite video games and plans for the rest of the weekend. But the day will be just slightly different from the norm because we paused together. And that small pause can make an eternal difference.

Does your family mark Good Friday in any way? Is there a simple small tradition (perhaps reading the story at bedtime, or dating a special prayer at dinner tonight) that you could include before today is done?













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