A Simple Family Easter Tradition

Hey Mama, it’s almost Easter weekend. How are you going to share the Good News with your children this weekend?

In our family, we set a simple table for Easter morning breakfast that always points to Him and His story. Sometimes there’s candy. Sometimes not. There’s almost always a sign something like the one pictured (a free printable in a dollar store frame) and a book to read out loud together that reminds us of the gift of new life that Jesus offers. Some years, it’s a brand new book. Other years, it’s an old favorite. We light candles, sit together for an out of the ordinary breakfast (something as simple as store bought donuts—or one of Mama’s “special” recipes—works great!) and then Daddy will read the book aloud. It gives us a chance to pause as a family before the busyness of the day and all it’s obligations presses in, a quiet moment to sit at the feet of the King.

How does your family celebrate Easter?















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