Why My Kids Love Stale Bread & Mushy Bananas

Stale bread. Mushy, black black bananas. Some of my kids’ favorite things to eat.

As we’ve tried to slowly cut down on waste around here (because our growing family is eating more & more as they enter the teen years), we’ve found a few family favorites that taste almost better in their “stale” form than they do when fresh.

Stale bread makes the most amazing French Toast!!! All those bits and bobs of bread that are leftover at various meals…extra roasted bread from breakfast, Cuban Bread from soup and stew nights, hot dog buns and even bagels—all can be used for French Toast! We keep a bag in the freezer as our “French Toast” bag, and we tuck any stale bread we have into it. Whenever it’s full—it’s French Toast night! An easy, delicious and satisfying meal that everyone loves!

And those mushy black bananas? They make the most amazing banana bread! Our recipe uses 3 medium; but we usually double it so we can make one Bundt cake or muffins to freeze and one cast iron pan of bread to eat right away.

What’s your favorite way to use stale foods?












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