Sunday Breakfast

We eat almost the same breakfast every Sunday. Scrambled eggs. Roasted potatoes. Baked goods leftover from Saturday’s baking. Since we all know the Sunday morning plan, we’ve fallen into a comfortable routine. Mr. 8 gets up and cracks eggs. He cracks them one by one into a smaller bowl, then dumps this into a largerContinue reading “Sunday Breakfast”

Behind the Scenes of a Pastor’s Family

It’s the Saturday before Easter, Mama. How is your family spending today? As we do many Saturdays, our entire family is working together to make sure everything is ready for Sunday worship tomorrow. Mr. 14 and Mr. 11 left this morning to help their dad film parts of the worship service to stream online tomorrow.Continue reading “Behind the Scenes of a Pastor’s Family”

A Simple Family Easter Tradition

Hey Mama, it’s almost Easter weekend. How are you going to share the Good News with your children this weekend? In our family, we set a simple table for Easter morning breakfast that always points to Him and His story. Sometimes there’s candy. Sometimes not. There’s almost always a sign something like the one picturedContinue reading “A Simple Family Easter Tradition”

Lived Out Faith

Good Morning, Mama. This was me last Sunday, reading Scripture with a babe in arms at our outdoor worship gathering. What a week it’s been! No matter where you find yourself politically, whether you are celebrating or despairing, know this: The King is still on His throne. He is not surprised nor dismayed. He isContinue reading “Lived Out Faith”


Sometimes, Sunday worship looks like all of us heading out the door and joining together with our church family to worship the LORD outside (or inside) together. And sometimes, especially in 2020, it looks like gathering ‘round a table in the living room, and working on crafts (in this case, scratch art crosses) while worshippingContinue reading “Sundays”