Sunday Breakfast

We eat almost the same breakfast every Sunday. Scrambled eggs. Roasted potatoes. Baked goods leftover from Saturday’s baking.

Since we all know the Sunday morning plan, we’ve fallen into a comfortable routine. Mr. 8 gets up and cracks eggs. He cracks them one by one into a smaller bowl, then dumps this into a larger bowl with all the eggs. We’ve found that this cracking one at a time allows a child to crack eggs independently—and if there’s a big “oops” with tons of shells to clear lit, it’s only one egg that’s affected, not the whole batch. He then scrambles/mixes them and adds salt so that they are all ready for cooking.

Miss 5 gets out of bed and comes to the kitchen to chat while I cut potatoes. Then she helps me add olive oil and seasonings to the bowl, mixes them up and dumps them onto a baking tray. She’s learned to spread them out evenly so they cook well. Then she’ll set the table.

We’ve been doing the same breakfast for over 5 years. Various kids have helped out at various times, but the rhythm remains the same. At 8 o’clock we all gather to eat together. Then Dad heads off to church #PastorLife and the kids play a bit while I get myself and the baby ready. After this, I help with hair brushing and shirt buttoning for those who need it, and we all head to church together.

Rather than being rigid, I’ve found our Sunday morning routine to be incredibly free-ing. I don’t wake up and wonder what to cook—I get up knowing what we are doing. I bake a double batch of whatever treat i bake for Saturday morning, and we serve that alongside the eggs and potatoes. The protein and full meal keep our crew satisfied at church since Sunday lunch is always later. And the family breakfast is an opportunity to connect on an otherwise busy day.

Do you a meal that’s become part of your routine? I’d love to hear about it!

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