Forge Your Own Path

Sometimes, Mama, you have to forgo the typical way of doing things and forge your own path.

Maybe that’s doing schoolwork outside (or up a tree).

Maybe it’s leaning on frozen food or paper plates instead of choosing between takeout and homemade.

Maybe it’s napping on a Sunday afternoon—or sleeping late on a Saturday morning.

Maybe it’s never using your dishwasher…or running it twice a day.

Maybe it’s playing outside in every single summer rain…or NOT playing on playgrounds.

Maybe it’s never buying from XYZ store…or buying all your clothes secondhand.

Maybe it’s listening to all “kid” music. Or NO “kid” music, ever.

Whatever you do that’s different than what society or social media tells you to do, but is working for your family, and helping you to be the Mama you’re called to be, keep doing it.

Forge your own path, Mama. In doing so, you’re teaching your little ones it’s ok for them to forge their own paths someday.

What’s something that you do that’s uniquely you?

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