Loving Others Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Who are you called to show love to this week, Mama?

Loving others doesn’t have to be complicated…but sometimes it does take a bit of extra planning. Do you need to add a couple items to your grocery list, to prep a meal or make cookies for a neighbor who could use it? Do you need to clear a bit of time in your schedule one afternoon to watch your friend’s kids who really really needs a break? Maybe you need to pick up stamps so that you can mail a birthday card to a senior, or an “I’m Thinking of You Card” to someone struggling with loneliness or grief.

Take some time today to do a bit of planning so that you can love others well this week. Arrange that play date with the other Mama who you never have time to talk to. Send flowers to your great aunt, surprise your husband with his favorite meal, or send your kid’s teacher a gift card to get coffee. It doesn’t have to be complicated; but sometimes it does need to be planned.

Who are you going to show love to this week?









3 thoughts on “Loving Others Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

  1. We make loving a person so hard. Truth be told we love out of what they mean to us or what they can do for us. When in fact Christ said love everyone. That is why we struggle with what Christ says. We must have the Love of Christ in us if we are going to love like the Lord.

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