He Chose You

Sometimes it feels like the people we follow have it all together, when we’re just trying to survive and make it till the kids go to bed. And sometimes, scrolling through the ‘gram can even make us doubt our skills as Mamas, because we aren’t doing it like SHE is.

Consider this your friendly reminder that YOU are the one called to mother your kids, in this time, and in this season. He chose you, Mama, because He knew that YOU would be the best one to be their Mama. Your personality. Your laugh. Your sense of humor. Your looks. Your way of doing things. The way you cook or don’t cook. The way you dress. The music you like. That silly thing you always do. You.

Out of all the Mamas He could have picked for your kids, it was you He chose. Because YOU are the one to best mother them.

It’s a sacred calling, Mama, and He who called you will equip you for the task. Pause and take a moment to thank Him for the gift of these little ones who call you Mama…and then ask Him for wisdom to walk out the rest of this day with them. He so graciously gives to those who ask.

And then stop scrolling, and take a look at yourself in the mirror—and thank Him for the amazing creation of YOU—He delights in you, Mama, and your little ones do too.









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