A School Bus, Waiting & Contagious Joy

Every day, shortly after he wakes up, he takes his post at the window. He’s into trucks and police cars and ambulances and fire engines, but his current favorite is the “ding-ding bus”—the yellow school bus he sees stop near our house every morning.

And when that bus finally pulls arrives, slows to a stop, and turns on its light, our entire house knows about it. The joy and the shrieking—“look, it’s the ding-ding bus; get on the ding-ding bus; good morning ding-ding bus;”—is contagious. He’s so excited about the bus that often, a sibling can be persuaded to join him at the window, just to share in his joy.

Where are you finding your joy, Mama? If only we would be as excited to sit daily at the feet of our Savior as a toddler watching for a school bus. If only reading His Word was so delightful that those around us could be persuaded to join us in the reading, in the waiting, in the praying, just to share in our joy.

Your joy, your peace that is found only through Him and spending time with Him, is contagious, Mama. Take time today to sit at His feet—even if it’s amidst the interruptions of little ones all around you. It may be the most important thing you do all day.

May those He’s entrusted you with remember these days as days when their Mama watched and waited for time with the Savior.









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