Always Watching

You are an example, Mama. They’re watching you, and they want to be just like you. And that’s a good and beautiful thing—but it’s also a big responsibility.

What are they seeing as they watch you throughout the ordinary days? What are your actions saying to them? What are your priorities, that may someday become their priorities? How do the words that you speak to others influence them on how to treat others?

We will never be enough, Mama—but there is One who is enough. So as they watch us, Mama, day in and day out, on the days when we are wonderful Moms, and on the days we fall far short, let us make sure that we are watching too. For its only when we watch and mimic our Savior that we are truly worthy of being watched.

Follow Him closely, Mama, so that His heart becomes your heart. He will completely change your motherhood—and the lives of those who are watching.

How are you spending time with the Savior today?







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