The Barren Places

Sometimes it’s the barren places that hold the most promise, friend.

For days, my kids have been clearing the leaves from this patch of dirt in our backyard. Taking and turning the soil again and again. Carefully lining the outside with stones, to mark it’s borders to anyone who might not see it’s potential.

They have big plans. To plant flowers. And vegetables. And fruits. And they can already envision the way it will look when their work is complete. They see that dry barren dirt not as it is, but as it will be.

How about you, Mama? Are you in a dry and barren place in your life? Is your relationship with your kids or perhaps other relationships in a place where it’s hard to see anything but dirt? It’s in the barren places where the most potential lies.

We have a yard full of grass. A family garden of fertile soil, mulched and ready to go. But where is it that my kids see the potential? In the oft ignored and overlooked dirt.

Whatever dirt you see in your life right now, God sees how it will be one day. I’m cheering you on as you clear and cultivate the hard places, to allow the Father to create beauty amidst the barrenness.

What hard places can I pray for you in this week?












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