Sowing Seeds

We tilled the soil and began planting our tiny backyard garden this week. And as I surveyed our hard work, looking like a barren patch of brown dirt, it hit me how much gardening exemplifies our work as parents.

All we can do is plant and water the seeds, Mama. We’re gifted these tiny ones for a few precious seasons, and fill our minutes and moments by loving them well and pointing them to Him. But ultimately, as they grow, it’s in the hands of the Creator to form and shape them into whom He’s calling them to be. We are simply called to be faithful in planting and watering the seeds—it is He who grows the crop and brings the harvest.

I’ve been faithfully watering my “dirt” these past few days, and eagerly anticipating the growth of the seeds that were planted—but so far, there’s nothing to show for the labor. And while I’ve been at that, I’ve continued to sow into these precious ones under my care, pointing them daily to Him and His grace and love, and looking expectantly toward the time when these tiny seeds of faith will grow a rich harvest.








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