Upheaval & Washing Machines

Good Morning, Mama. Did you ever have a day that you’d carefully planned out one way, and before you’d barely begin, your plans were totally thrown into chaos and replaced by something else?

We were unexpectedly gifted some items for our home yesterday (including a new to us washing machine to replace the one that’s been giving us trouble for the past year), and getting the space ready to put those things in place, and move out the old things, completely overtook our day.

As I went to bed last night, I realized that I’d done absolutely nothing of what I’d planned to do, either with my kids or on my to do list. And I still have remnants of yesterday’s upheaval to deal with today.

BUT…as I look on everything with fresh eyes this morning, I realize that all of yesterday was part of His good plan for me and my family. That I may make plans, but He orders my days. And that sometimes, upheaval can be a blessing in disguise. And now I’m off to make use of that new to us washing machine!

Have there been days of upheaval that you’ve been thankful for?















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