Today is a Fresh Start

Today is January 4th—how are you doing on those goals and resolutions, Mama?

I relish the “fresh start” of a new year each January 1st; actually, I am thankful for all fresh starts! My kids often repeat to each other what I’ve said to them since they were babies, “tomorrow morning is a brand new day, a chance to begin again”. I hang tight to the verse, “His mercies are new each morning” found in Lamentations…indeed, as a wife and Mama, I need His new mercies daily!

And so if today you find that you’ve already fallen off the wagon with where you thought you’d be this New Year… it’s ok. His mercies are new every morning. Today is a fresh start, a clean slate. You can begin again, or pick up where you left off. His grace is such a gift, for ourselves and also that we can offer others. Are your kids having a rough day? Tomorrow is a new beginning, a fresh start. Even if it’s not January 1st.

And if you are still going strong after those goals you set—keep going! I am cheering for you!








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